hop and pop debris explode pervasive pyrotechnic ode cool concrete spot made proper hot what brought our pilot down this road - alive and well in '63 his business, marriage, family with long-term mates at pearly gates steadfast in his community - but that morning he'd quick forget rapidly fading intellect in cockpit smoke to death he'd choke robbed of his chance to hit eject - plagued both with pain and deep remorse he questioned wisdom of his course and why he went to represent his country when they'd ample force - his old man was a veteran who fought aside his countrymen but that hotshot had options not for he could not wage war with pen - our pilot though had much to lose in vain attempt to fill dad's shoes nevertheless despite the stress twas clear the path that he would choose - and thus our hero lost it all a lifelong climb to crashing fall moment of death his final breath he wished he'd made a different call - they'd later say he didn't feel a thing passed out behind the wheel but in his jet dying regret hurt more than melting to the steel