the doctor's diagnosis maze she follows distant in a haze her stomach churns as he confirms her time is up in 90 days - with knowledge that her clock is set she's told that chemo's her best bet but why delay her deathly stay of mostly fearful sob and fret - though conscious of that soon she'll die her family and friends supply both faith and love whilst up above gods hear them pleading asking why - “what does not kill you makes you strong” despairingly she plays along knowing she'll fade with health betrayed whilst questioning where she went wrong - the gift of life's a finite pact both kings and slaves bow to this fact but back of mind this thought you'll find since time of death is not exact - for her the opposite is true always aware of cancer's coup whilst we count sheep she cries to sleep the same nightmare each day anew - in seeking wisdom she'll equate some meaning to her pointless fate ending her plight one wakeless night leaving her loved ones less irate - her parting message loud and clear a dying wish for all to hear that life's too short so best we thwart our inner demons fuelled by fear